For many brands waving a LGBTQ+ banner, or standing with sexual orientation and gender identity rights groups, is a positive marketing move. Pride Month has become quite lucrative for some.

According to Confections in Lufkin's facebook page, when they posted a picture of a rainbow heart cookie, the exact opposite happened. They lost a significate amount of facebook followers. A 5 dozen order of cookies was canceled, along with a negative message on their business page.

The initial post that would seem pretty innocuous to some, was a deal breaker for others. So if you want some cookies, they have an abundance now. They will be available in the shop today, June 4th 2021. You might have to get in line though, the outpouring of support for them has been real.

This was the same local business that gave us some hilarious Covid cookies over a year ago. "We love our Community and the sweet support our small business has received. We wouldn’t be here without our village." - Dawn. This was a quote I got back in April of 2020, the height of the pandemic.

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They still have many fans in the Lufkin area, with hundreds of shares, and comments standing by their decisions. This has now gone further than Lufkin, and people wanted to go so far as to donate to the business. Confections has declined those offers and posted up a few local animal rescues that are near and dear to their heart.

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