If you've dreamed of floating all night long on a lake like Sam Rayburn, this tent can help you do just that.  You'll be camping and floating.  Fun, right?  Maybe we could even coin a new catchphrase and call it Flamping.  What could possibly go wrong?

At first glance, it seems like it might be a great new way to experience the outdoors.  People are embracing it.  More than 14-thousand people have liked the Mashable post on Facebook, and folks have offered up more than 5-thousand comments talking about the awesome it looks.

We all have thoughts on this amazing new creation.  Whaddya think?

I have questions.  Like, what happens if it springs a leak in the middle of the night?  Will we wake up in time to save ourselves from drowning?  Will a fish try to take a bite out of it because they smell chips and beef jerky?  Is this tent something that would turn into a boat for smart water snakes that are tired of all the swimming? The floating sounds relaxing, but it might be a little extra-humid inside that enclosure in August.  Other than that, it sounds like a blast.

I'm sure this new tent will provide a great adventure vessel for ambitious Texans who are looking for new ways to experience camping, and who are accustomed to forging ahead without all of the analysis.  In that case, just git er done!  You go first, and post the pics on social media.

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