I had heard about big cities having a real issue with "flushable wipes" causing sewer backups. I have heard tales of a blockage the size of a city bus in pipes. Now it has hit home.

The City Of Lufkin Sewage Department is finding non flushable wet wipes, that don't seem consistent with residential use. They seem to be large industrial wipes. Like ones used for nursing facilities. They have now responded to the same area for the second time in two weeks, and are asking for our help. Both times they filled several 30 gallon trash bags full of wipes, from the pipes. They manually had to take them out of the system to remove the blockage.

This is happening near the Brookhollow subdivision. In and around Sunflower Street at the intersection of Gobblers Knob Road. They aren't asking for a confession, they are just asking that it stop.

The City of Lufkin, I am sure, would love it if we didn't put anything into the sewer, besides sewage. This wipe thing is getting unsustainable. They are asking us not to flush any wipes down toilets. Many of them labeled as flushable, just don't break up. Even some toilet paper doesn't break up completely.

Out of sight, out of mind? What we do in our private times, still effects others, down the line. Do your part, and stop flushing things down the toilet that you don't have to. We are all guilty of this at one time or another. Stopping will guarantee the health of our precious sewer system, one of the things we can't live without in cities.

I didn't post the pictures of the wipes, because you might be reading this at lunch. If you want to see that, just click here, to check out the City of Lufkin's Facebook page. #wipesclogpipes


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