This is a follow-up to a story I wrote on April 2.  Hang on a sec - let me put out my cigarette.

Seriously, I don't smoke, but for those who do here in Lufkin, the City Council unanimously approved a new ordinance Tuesday night (April 2), that essentially prohibits smoking in all "enclosed public places".

Smoking in your own home is acceptable (huh?).  That's what the wording will say in the proposed draft.  Also, lighting up in a hotel/motel in a designated smoking room will not be an infraction of the law.

Lufkin gun shop owner Bill Pate attempted to persuade the council to offer an override waiver, since according to Pate, many of his patrons like nicotine, and a smoke ban would financially damage his business.  He did manage to connect with the ear of one council member, but after further discussion, Pate will now have to take down his "Total Smoking" sign that greets his customers.

There is also a laundry list of provisions affecting smokers in an outdoor setting as well.  Far too many to list her.  So, if you have ever thought about quitting the habit, now is a great time to begin.

The new ordinance repealing the old one from 1994, is expected to become law on or around May 16.  Individual non-compliance brings a $50 penalty, while violations of the business community amounts to a "C"-note fine.