After what was most likely a power surge, the Cici's in the Northview Plaza in Nacogdoches closed its doors near the end of June. Not only did all of the A/C units have an issue, but the cooler also took a hit and was not working.

This would have been a routine repair if these were normal times. Cici's was closed for two weeks due to hard-to-find parts and supply chain issues.

This is one of the hottest summers since 2011, so not having working coolers was crippling for the business. As of this Sunday, they are back open and serving customers once again.

Cici's Pizza Has Fixed Their Electrical Issues And Reopened In Nacogdoches

According to owner, Jeremy Brown, they still have parts on order that need to be installed. Luckily they have been able to put everything together enough to reopen.

On top of the expenses incurred by the power surge and being closed for this length of time, there is another issue. Some of their staff took the two-week hiatus as an opportunity to find another job.

If you are looking for a job, stop by and see Armondo or Julio to apply. They have all positions open due to the employees they lost during the downtime.

What Was The One Thing You Missed While Cici's Was Closed In Nacogdoches

When you think of Cici's pizza, the first thing people talk about are the desserts. Most people said they miss the Bavarian Dessert Pizza the most.

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I still have fond memories of the Chocolate Dessert Pizza. It seems like it's no longer on the menu, but they do have some brownies to make up for it.

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