Texas weather is always all over the place. We go from triple-digit temperatures, to hurricanes, to hail, back to hot temperatures, and so on. And this all can take place in the course of a week.

Well, this week's forecast looks like it may be all over the place, and might bring some rather chilly nights with it. According to the National Weather Service, this week is going to bring rain, followed by much cooler temperatures. The cooler temperatures that I'm referring to specifically hit a low point on Halloween night. Check out the Halloween forecast from NOAA:

via National Weather Service (NOAA)

Look again. Specifically, look at the bottom of the picture. Do you see that? Here, let me help a bit.

via National Weather Service (NOAA)

Yes, that is a predicted temperature of 33°. And, since we don't technically have to be at a freezing point of 32°, that means that we may very well see some frost on Thursday night/Friday morning.

I don't know about you, but I don't remember the last time I saw frost on Halloween. In my mind, October 31st is still somewhat early for temperatures to be that close to freezing. But hey, I'm not complaining about it. It looks like we're finally experiencing some cooling off here in Deep East Texas.

Just be sure that if your kids are trick-or-treating, and if you're out with them, that you all bundle up. Candy is great, but it's not worth being that cold for, right?