Have you ever ridden on a train? There's something nostalgic about it, not to mention the fact that it saves wear and tear on your own car, and the hassle of fighting with other drivers to get where you're going.

Might East Texas get Amtrak service? There's an Amtrak route now that runs from San Antonio to Chicago.

And there's a push for Amtrak to extend it's service from Shreveport-Bossier City to Dallas-Fort Worth, which would take the trains right through east Texas and give us a fast track in both of those directions.

How close is it to reality?

Anytime there's a big project like this there has to be a feasibility study. That's what they're doing now, to see if it makes sense. The results from that will probably some back in March, and the route be implemented as soon as late 2013.

Train fares can run $20 or $30 (verify of course with Amtrak, that's just an example), but it could be a relatively inexpensive opportunity to hop on a train, do a little shopping in Dallas or catch a Cowboys game, and take the train back to East Texas. We'll just have to wait a year or two to see how it all plays out.