Yes indeed the times they are a'changin'. Unlike many school districts across the country, the Brazosport School District near Houston is actually relaxing its dress code. The BISD Dress Code now allows middle and high school boys to have facial hair, wear earrings and -- gasp! -- have shoulder length hair.


The most dramatic new wrinkle is that boys AND girls can now have visible tattoos, as long as they're not offensive or show gang symbols.  As you might expect, not everybody over the age of 18 thinks this is a good thing.

BISD Superintendent Dr. Karin Holacka tells KTRK-TV in Houston the new policy isn’t about lenience.  Holacka says the goal is to eliminate distractions that always lead to removing dress code violators from class.

What do you think?  Is this relaxed dress code a good idea?  The thinking, apparently, is that if everybody looks more less the same, there's no distraction.

There's no doubt that dress code violators stick out from the crowd, but removing them from class and fighting the inevitable lawsuit is also an expensive distraction for the school district.

Some would say the BISD is just giving up on enforcing a dress code.  The feeling is that it's not worth the effort anymore.