The key prosecution witness in the ongoing sexual-assault case against Bill Cosby, alleged victim Andrea Constand, testified for seven hours over the last two days (June 6–7). With her chilling testimony now complete, a supporting witness read aloud a deposition Cosby gave to police in 2005 regarding the alleged sexual assault in question.

Police sergeant Richard Schaffer of the Cheltenham Township Police Department interviewed Cosby in New York in 2005 about the incident, which occurred in his jurisdiction at Cosby's house just outside Philadelphia. In the interview, Cosby admitted that there was "petting" between Constand and himself, but that it was consensual, and that he himself chose to end it.

"We are fully clothed. We are petting. I enjoyed it," were Cosby's words, as read by Schaffer. "And then I stopped, and I went up to bed."

He also said in the deposition that he had given her one-and-a-half Benadryl pills prior to the encounter. Cosby claimed she showed no ill effects from the pills. When Constand was on the stand, she testified that Cosby had given her three blue pills, but would not tell her what they were, only that they "would take the edge off." She said they made her feel physically "frozen" and unable to resist his advances.

Cosby has admitted, in a previous deposition also related to sexual-assault accusations, that he had in the past acquired quaaludes, a powerful sedative, to give to women prior to having sex with them.

Prosecutors have not presented that as evidence at this trial yet. But that could change: The prosecution plans to call a forensic toxicologist who will testify about the effects of quaaludes and how they are consistent with what Constand described about her physical condition on the night in question. It would make sense to bring up Cosby's own words once again.

Cosby has routinely arrived at the courthouse in the company of Hollywood friends, but one prominent person has still not appeared with him: his wife, Camille. “She is going to come one day," Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told People. "I haven’t figured out which day yet."

Cosby has pleaded not guilty to three felony counts of aggravated sexual assault. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years for each count.

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