The transformation from a local burger legacy restaurant to an elegant Italian dining spot on the West Loop in Lufkin is amazing to see. You can tell that they used a bit of the old, and a lot of the new in these pictures. If you ever ate at Ray's West back when it was still open in 2012 or so, you know what they started with.

Roma Italian Bistro has a soft opening this past Wednesday, and it was a hit. I saw cars parked there during business hours the entire time. Now that the word is getting out, I thought you might want to take a look at what you are missing.

The outside is an amazing transformation, but the inside is where the magic has really happened. Great design turned a Lufkin favorite burger Mecca, into an Italian experience.

I was really impressed with all the updates and changes on the inside. There is also a surprising amount of seating. Every surface on the inside has been touched. There is a casual elegant theme, and I think it comes though loud and clear. 

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We have another great restaurant in Lufkin. It's also the only restaurant with a bar close to that side of town. That was part of the reason they turned it into a Ray's West, after it was Texas Burger or whatever it was back in the day.

I am always interested in local business and restaurant news. If you have a lead about a new place, let me know in an email or message us directly though the app.

Roma Italian Bistro Transformation

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