Get a great BBQ plate and support a worthy cause, 5 year old Cason Snider needs your help.

The Nacogdoches Police Association is hosting a barbecue dinner, and guided motorcycle ride to raise funds to support the treatment of 5 year old Cason Snider, the son of Nacogdoches Police Officer Chris Snider. He has a spinal injury from a serious auto accident. Cason faces a long and expensive road and needs our help.

On Saturday April 8th of this year, the family of Nacogdoches Police Officer Chris Snider were involved in a serious automobile accident in Nacogdoches county. The accident resulted in serious injuries to Chris's 5 year old son Cason. The injuries will require Cason to spend several months in Children's Hospital with an even longer period of rehabilitation. Chris's wife Terri is a teacher at Martinsville ISD and also sustained injuries and is also recovering at this time. The accident will cause both Chris and Terri to miss a substantial amount of time at work as they heal from injuries, and tend to Cason's needs along with the needs of their 4 year old daughter whose injuries were less severe.

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Along with benefit described in this flyer, a benefit account to help the Snider family has been opened at Commercial Bank of Texas. Donations can be made at any Commercial Bank branch.

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