In a lengthy statement Friday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton railed against the Supreme Court for its decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S. 

According to Paxton, the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court marks "a radical departure from countless generations of societal law and tradition."

Paxton described the legalization of gay marriage as "a dilution of marriage as a societal institution," adding that it's an "assault on the actual text of the U.S. Constitution." The Attorney General compared the decision to the landmark abortion rights case Roe v. Wade.

Echoing former Texas Governor Rick Perry's statement on the gay marriage ruling, Paxton said that "the simple truth" is that marriage is between one man and one woman.

"Nothing will change the importance of a mother and a father to the raising of a child," Paxton said. "And nothing will change our collective resolve that all Americans should be able to exercise their faith in their daily lives without infringement and harassment."

Paxton added that the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court could have a major impact on religious freedom, warning that people of faith could now be exposed to abuse for taking "personal, moral stands based upon their conscience and the teachings of their religion."

"...We must work to ensure that the guarantees of the First Amendment, protecting freedom of religion, and its corollary freedom of conscience, are secure for all Americans," Paxton said.

Attorney General Paxton's full statement can be read on the official Attorney General of Texas website.

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