With a few big retail stores closing sites in Lufkin, it creates new opportunity to make use of that space.  If you made the rules, what would you put in the empty Lufkin Mall spots?

Maybe you've shopped in other places around Texas or in Chicago or New York or Lafayette, and you're thinking it would be cool to have a particular store here in East Texas.  What if Lufkin could land an Ikea?

While some stores are shutting down retail sites, others are on the Hot 100 list for growth, according to the National Retail Federation.

Good, because some of us like to shop.  Isn't it kinda refreshing to actually go to a store and swipe the card and carry out the tunic or the yoga pants instead of waiting three days for the big brown truck to bring it to us?  Hey stores, we'll keep going if you will.

Some of these we already have in East Texas, and others might find space here since other retail outlets have closed.

Some of the Hot 100:


L Brand

Rue 21


Lululemon Athletica

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Auto Zone

Tractor Supply

Fry's Electronics

Lufkin has a Tractor Supply, but do we have one at the mall?  That might make husbands and boyfriends happy, and give them something to do while we girls do laps around the mall through the clothing stores.

What about Barney's?  Herberger's?  If you grew up in the Midwest like me, you know Herberger's.  If you grew up in Louisiana, you know the Nichols stores.  We have space.

Fresh starts are good, and retailers have an opportunity with the exits by other companies.  This is the bright side of the store closings.  So let us know what you'd like to see!

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