It pays to take a leisurely stroll with a metal detector apparently.  One man ended up finding a 1972 high school class ring and was able to reunite that with its owner with the help of social media.

Nick Sweet said on Facebook that he was out last Saturday morning, metal detecting sidewalk strips in Tyler when he came across a class ring from Robert E. Lee High School from 1972.  The ring had the initials TRS inside, and that's just about all Sweet had to go on.

He posted pictures of the ring on social media and it quickly got over 1,000 shares, within a day or two the owner of the ring was tracked down in Jacksonville, Florida.  TRS lost that ring not long after graduation in 1973 and was happy to get it back.

KLTV reported the ring was buried in the dirt about five inches deep, so without the metal detector, it wouldn't have been an obvious find.  You and I probably wouldn't have been stumbling across it and the only animals getting to it were worms.

Doesn't this make you wonder what else is buried underground in East Texas?  There might be lost wedding rings, smartphones, and lots and lots of coins, who knows.  Maybe we should get one of those metal detectors and find out.

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