Maybe graffiti doesn't have to be removed, just enhanced.  One East Texas family is gaining attention for the artistic touch that it's adding to the space that vandals have tagged, and it just may catch on.

The Azalea Trail in Lufkin has been tagged with graffiti many times, and it's been an ongoing issue.  Vandals have damaged at least two miles of the trail, and one Lufkin family decided to take matters into its own hands.

KTRE reported Allen Young and his family have been drawing hopscotch on sidewalks and target the graffiti in the park with chalk.  Allen's two kids have drawn little chalk-based activities in several places around the park, and they plan to cover the entire 1.9-mile trail with chalk art.

It's a big project, and if you want to get your own kids involved or chip in to help in any way you can email Allen Young at

If it rains and washes the chalk away, we can do it again, right?  We love hearing stories about East Texans who turn a negative into a positive, and this is one more awesome example.  Nice work, Youngs.  This creative idea just may catch on, and we'll be watching to see if it does.

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