As hard as it is to believe, the fall season is almost here. If you've stepped out at all this week, you've noticed the cooler temperatures (no complaints here). And, with that in mind, you've got to start prepping for fall, in case you haven't already done it.

If you're a native, then you're probably already stocked with the things I'm about to list. If you're new here, or possibly even just visiting, then you need to pay close attention to these necessities.


    Windbreaker/Light Jacket

    So, we're not to the point of needing heavy winter clothes just yet. A light jacket will suffice for now.

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    Hot Chocolate

    As the temperature starts to go down, you've got to have the necessities. And before you ask, yes, hot chocolate is a necessity.

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    Hunting License

    In East Texas, this is another necessity, because everyone here knows that "Fall = Deer Season".

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    Tailgating Gear

    Football season is back, and that means that you've got to have your tailgating stuff ready to go. The grill, the coolers, the tent, the TVs, etc.

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    Rain Gear

    We tend to get more rain here in the fall. So get your boots, umbrella, rain jacket, etc. ready for wet conditions.