Casey Anthony has somehow managed to disappear into the Florida countryside, after her release from jail just after midnight Sunday morning.  Nobody but her lawyers knows where she is, and they're not telling.  One of her lawyers says they're looking into a number of options for her future.

Those options could be limited, though, by lawsuits pending against her, the scorn of millions of people who think she was guilty of killing her 2 year old daughter, and the criminal record she now has from her convictions for lying to police.

Attorney Jose Baez says they are exploring all possibilities, including putting her in therapy for counseling and treatment.  Baez says he's concerned about Anthony's safety, and he lashed out at media commentators who have been condemning Anthony as guilty despite the jury's verdict.

"This young woman had her day in court. We need to start respecting jury verdicts and decisions that juries make."

Asked if Anthony plans to cash in on her fame, Baez says she has the right to do that if she wants, but that's her decision to make, and they - her attorneys - plan to handle her affairs in a "dignified manner.

Casey Anthony's Whereabouts Remain Mystery - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando.

The jury found Anthony not guilty, but her troubles are far from over.

She could file for bankruptcy, but plaintiffs would probably try to keep her on the hook for damages if she signs any lucrative book or movie deals after filing.