It's almost practice time for college football teams, and the first game is only about six weeks away.  Finally!  We've all been having football withdrawals.

We rarely see the day-to-day, behind the scenes work that the players put in, but we've got a glimpse of the Aggies' workout facility here.  It's been named one of the Top 10 in the country.

The Bleacher Report says the Aggies have the tenth best workout room in the US, behind schools like Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, and Michigan. And the Aggies are the only Texas school to crack the Top 10.

When the Aggies joined the SEC they upgraded facilities at the same time, and the Bleacher Report says Kyle Field holds above 100,000 now.  And the Bright Football Complex had a $20.8 million renovation project and has the Slocum Nutrition Center inside, which was also renovated for $12 million.

So, Aggie can start the season bragging and running Longhorns' fans noses in it, since Texas didn't rank anywhere near the Top 10 for facility awesomeness.

The first game for Texas A&M is September 3rd against UCLA, and it's at that state-of-the-art Kyle Field.  The first two games are at home, and then the Aggies will have three on the road.  Bring on football season!

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