More fallout from the "Weinergate Sex Scandal."  NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is no longer seen as the front-runner in the next race for NYC Mayor, so, actor Alec Baldwin is reportedly thinking about jumping into the race.

Weiner's viability as a potential successor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2013 has been damaged severely by his confession to sending lewd and X-Rated tweets, text messages and photos to women around the country.


Weiner's mea culpa has opened the door for a new crop of mayoral contenders looking to test the waters.  Cue Alec Baldwin, the Emmy award-winning star of the NBC comedy "30 Rock."

Baldwin's press agent says he wouldn't rule it out.  One of Baldwin's friends says his running for public office is a "real possibility," but running for Mayor is  a long shot."

Baldwin has expressed interest in politics but he's never held a position in government. He's contractually obligated with NBC through the upcoming season, but that wouldn't keep him from getting into politics, because the election is more than two years away.

Getting New Yorkers to vote for him could be a problem for Baldwin. His official residence is in the Hamptons on Long Island, and he's been accused of living far outside "The City" to escape New York City income taxes.

But, that's why we have elections. To see who voters like, and don't like.