A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is poised to take over the world one of these days. But first it has invented a game. It's called Speedgate, and it looks ... interesting.

According to PlaySpeedgate.org, the game is fun, fast, physical and played with a rugby ball.



As an explanation of exactly how the game was developed their website says,

We used deep learning algorithms, from text-generating RNNs to image-generating DCGANs, to create ideas for every aspect of this new, unique sport; from the gameplay, to the rules and even the logo.
More than 1,000 outputs were analyzed and narrowed down to ten potential concepts. Three were field tested.

Unique in every way, Speedgate combines familiar elements of croquet, rugby and soccer.

Speedgate also has a few rules.

1. Each team has six players, three forwards and three defenders. And when you have the ball, you can't move, just like ultimate Frisbee. So you either have to pass it, or try to score from where you are.

2. The field itself is 180 feet long, with goals at each end called "gates." Each gate is just two six-foot tall posts sticking out of the ground and ten feet apart. And you score by kicking the ball through from either direction. So you can score from in front of the gate, or behind it.

3. There's also a gate in the middle of the field. And it's very important because you have to kick the ball through that one first before you can even try to score.

4. When you do score, each goal is worth two points. Or three if a teammate catches the ball and immediately kicks it back through the gate. That's called a ricochet.

5. Each game has three 7-minute periods. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Simple, right? Perhaps this is A.I.'s way of keeping us mere humans busy while it plots world dominion.

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