Unless you are pulling a trailer, there isn't much need for that hitch on the back of your truck. So instead of it just sitting back there unused, how about we get you set up with some must have items on there for Memorial Day Weekend.

  • 1

    Dog Bowls

    Man's best friends got to eat, so if you are taking him along on your holiday weekend, might as well feed him off of your unused trailer hitch.

    tomorrows-adventures.com via pintrest
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    Hitch A Tent!

    If you want to avoid hotel fees and get the most out of your funds, how about pitching a tent, right on your trailer hitch. This things not cheap though, could set you back a couple of thousand dollars. So if you are planning on buying this one, be prepared to sleep in it, a lot.

    Hitch Tent - via pintest
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    Trailer Hitch Safe

    Worried about your valuables while having fun outdoors this weekend? How about installing this trailer hitch safe. You can put your spare keys, money, anything that will fit in a 2in by 6in hole. It's even water proof when you use the plug on the end.

    hitchsafe via pintrest
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    BBQ Grill

    What Memorial Day Weekend would be complete without some hot dogs on the grill. Attach this to your trailer hitch and you have a mobile restaurant. Just make sure to turn it off before you take off down the highway to the next party spot.

    BBQ Trailer Hitch Grill Via Pintrest
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    Double Hammocks

    This was the spark that started this entire list. These are a great idea so you can lounge this weekend anywhere you can park your rig. They look comfortable, but I don't think getting in and out of them would be easy. So make sure and put a few back up cold ones on the bumper.

    Trailer Hitch Hammock - Via pintrest