This will be a memorable spring break for 19 college students in Nacogdoches. One they would like to forget I'm sure.

The SFA University Police Department has arrested 19 individuals in connection to an undercover drug investigation the department has conducted for "a very long time," according to Chief Marc Cossich.

The department is in the process of serving four more individuals, Cossich said.

Cossich said the department has conducted the undercover operation for more than a year. Many of the charges have been enhanced, due to where the drug deals occurred in proximity to secondary school campuses.

Cossich said the majority of the suspects are SFA students and the deals occurred in parking lots and other places outside the suspects' homes, which were meeting places to exchange drugs for money.

Most of the charges are for delivery of marijuana, but others are for dealing ecstasy and Xanax, Cossich said.

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