Starting this year, Texas boat operators — and teenagers taking driver’s education courses — will be introduced to new state laws covering safe boating practices, boat handling and emergency procedures, all in an effort to make recreational boating safer.

Three new Texas laws that went into effect in June have expanded the state's  mandatory boater education requirements, added boating and water safety education to driver's education, and outlawed a dangerous boating practice that has been blamed for several accidents.

One bill requires mandatory boating safety training for all people born after September 1, 1993 before they can operate a boat on public waterways.

They must also carry proof they passed the course at all times if operating a boat with more than 15 HP or a sail boat longer than 14 feet.

Another bill requires the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to produce a video on recreational water safety for use in the boating safety training.

The third bill prohibits the dangerous practice of driving a motorboat in a circle around other boats, swimmers or others in the water. This is often done to create waves for skiers and "tubers" to "jump," and it's blamed for several boating accidents and fatalities.

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via Tompkins: Trio of bills brings boating safety to forefront | Shannon Tompkins | - Houston Chronicle.

What do you think?  Are these new laws justified?  Will they make it safer to go boating on Texas lakes and rivers?  Or will they take all the fun out of it?