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We’re Giving Away Texas Gatorfest Tickets
The Texas Gatorfest is going on September 11th -13th in Anahuac park, and we're giving tickets away for FREE!
According to texasgatorfest.com,  the Texas Gatorfest is an annual celebration of the American Alligator in Texas. Held at the beautiful Fort Anahuac Park, this festival is simply a…
Keep Umbrella Handy – It’s Gonna Rain
It's official.  It WILL rain in east Texas tonight and over the weekend.  Plan on it. People who're planning to go to a football game today and tomorrow would be wise to take their rain gear.
Budget Cuts May Force State Parks to Close
Here we go again. The legislative session is coming in January, and we're hearing the usual predictions of budgetary doom and gloom.  This year we are hearing that if the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department doesn't get the money it needs, nearly two dozen state parks may have to close…
Anger Over Lake Naconiche Publicity Stunt
The Lufkin News reports some Nacogdoches County landowners and fisher folk are upset, and say they felt betrayed when county commissioners allowed a popular Texas bass fishing TV show early access to Lake Naconiche several days before the official opening date.
Seven People Charged With Fishing Fraud
Yes there is such a thing as "fishing fraud", and people who're caught doing it are in a heap of trouble.  The Brownsville Herald reports that's what seven people learned when fishing tournament judges caught them at it on South Padre island earlier this month.

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