The nerve of some people.  A U.S  Army Sergeant recently returned to his Liberty County home after his third tour duty in Iraq, only to find total strangers had moved into his house, and were selling his family's possessions in a yard sale.

Army Sgt. Sam Burbank and his wife Hollie say they were devastated by what they found. "We got married in that house. It's been in my family for three generations."

Investigators say the two squatters broke into the house and put all the Burbanks' furniture and personal belongings outside to sell.   They had lived there for about two days, until one of Hollie Burbank's relatives drove past the house, saw that something strange was going on and called the Sheriff's office.

The squatters are identified as two parolees from Cleveland: Faylisa Danielle Bailey, 30, who has has multiple convictions for theft, forgery and credit card abuse, and Johnny Wayne Bell, 47, who has numerous drug convictions.

Both are in jail after their paroles on some drug charges were revoked. They now face new charges of possession of controlled substances and more charges are expected.

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via Squatters try to make soldier's home theirs - Houston Chronicle.

Liberty County sheriff's spokesman Rex Evans, a veteran himself, says it makes him very angry to see someone take advantage of a fellow soldier and his family who were already making personal sacrifices to protect this country's freedoms.

"This just isn't right," he said.

Squatters -- especially those addicted to drugs -- are always on the move, and they'll move into any place they think is vacant.

It's just one more example of life in the "glamorous" world of drugs.