Officials at the Texas Workforce Commission say they're getting reports that scam artists are targeting people who're drawing unemployment benefits, and are tricking them into giving them their personal information.

You have to give scam artists credit for one thing -- they are creative.  If there is even the smallest chance of conning someone out of their money they'll find it and exploit it. Their latest con is especially despicable because they're victimizing the unemployed.

The Texas Workforce Commission says these lowlifes are calling people they know are out of work and drawing unemployment.  How they know that is under investigation, but they say they're with the Workforce Commission, and they tell their mark that his or her benefit balance has been exhausted.

Then they say they need some information so the benefit balance can be replenished. They ask for things like Social Security numbers, debit card numbers, and other personal identifiers. Sadly, some people will give it, and will likely end up as victims of identity theft.

TWC officials say they never call people on the telephone to get personal information. They also don't do home visits or use text messages to contact claimants.  TWC already knows everything about its clients that it needs to know and will never ask for it again.

via Workforce Commission warns unemployment insurance recipients about scams - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

The TWC Fraud and Program Abuse Hotline at 800-252-3642.

There's more information about reporting suspected fraud, waste, or program abuse on the TWC website: