The Lufkin News reports Lufkin School District officials are worrying out loud about the federal funding the district stands to lose when the Federal Budget Control Act goes into effect in January.

Unless Congress does something dramatic, such as -- "heaven forbid!  finding a compromise" -- the budget axe will fall and every area of federal spending will feel the pain, including education. If Congress can't find another way to reduce the $1.2 trillion deficit, schools all over the country will lose funds for Kindergarten and Pre-K classes, HIV testing, childcare and unemployment programs.


For Texas, this will be on top of the $4 billion dollars the legislature cut out of school funding last year and forced the layoffs of thousands of teachers. Lufkin Superintendent Roy Knight says LISD could lose another $600, 000 that funds the pre-K program.

This is happening because Congress can't agree on anything, so a special "super" committee was appointed to take a meat axe to the budget and make whatever cuts are necessary to reduce the budget deficit.  The result was the "tough love" Budget Control Act that takes effect in January.

An old Pete Seeger song says "Our leaders are the finest men, and so we elect them again and again."  So we shouldn't complain. We elected them.