Model Injured by Propeller Reaches Settlement
Who can forget Lauren Scruggs, and the horrifying accident that left her maimed and half blind back in December?  Lauren is the young Dallas model who lost part of her left arm and her left eye when she was hit by a spinning airplane propeller at a Dallas area airport.
Andrea Yates Wants to Attend Church
Remember Andrea Yates?  She's the Houston woman who was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the drowning deaths of her five children back in June of 2001.  Yates is now a patient at the Kerrville State Hospital, and through her attorney, she's asking to be allowed out of th…
Bracing for a Major Allergy Season
Ah yes spring is in the air, and so are all those things a lot of people are allergic to.  Spring in the Piney Woods is always tough on people with allergies, but there's an usual profusion of allergens in the air this year, and those who specialize in such things say we're all in …
Libs Mock and Ridicule Cheney Heart Transplant
It's just unbelievable.  Just when you thought the far left had gone as low as they can go, they surprise you, and many of their fellow Democrats are embarrassed by it.
Lefties coast to coast are joining the national chorus of bashing Dick Cheney over his weekend heart transplant, and disgusted Repub…
Christians Reach Out to Help Atheist
This is a great story.  A Henderson County atheist who went to court to get a nativity scene removed from the County Courthouse has fallen on hard financial times because of bad health.  Care to guess who is stepping up to help him?  The Christian community, of course.
Study: Long Space flight May Damage Eyesight
It's true.  A NASA sponsored study in Houston shows brain scans of astronauts who were in space for more than a month revealed potentially serious abnormalities that could force NASA to delay or even cancel plans for longer deep space missions.
Is There a Divorce Gene?
If your relationships are a mess, your DNA might be to blame. Scientists say they’ve identified a female “divorce gene” that could predict ill-fated marriages and identify women with inherent commitment issues.

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