Houston VA Reaches Out to Vets With Facebook Page
The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston has launched its own page on Facebook, in an effort to make it easy for veterans to have easy two-way communication with the VA and keep up with what's going on in the world of veterans' services.
The Myth of the 8 Hours of Sleep
Tell the truth now. Does anybody really get eight hours of sleep?  Eight full hours of deep uninterrupted sleep?  Truth be told, not many people have that luxury, and experts say it's largely a myth that we even need that much sleep.
Georgia Assisted Suicide Law Overturned
Georgia's highest court has thrown out a state law that was aimed at stopping  assisted suicides, ruling that the law violated the free speech rights of four members of an assisted suicide group .
Injured Texas Model Gets Prosthetic Eye
There's good news to report today about 23 year old Texas model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs, who was critically injured in a horrific  accident at a small airport north of Dallas back on December 3rd.
Lauren walked into a spinning airplane propeller and her injuries were brutal.  She lost her …

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