Who can forget Lauren Scruggs, and the horrifying accident that left her maimed and half blind back in December?  Lauren is the young Dallas model who lost part of her left arm and her left eye when she was hit by a spinning airplane propeller at a Dallas area airport.


The pilot of the small plane told federal investigators that he tried to warn Scruggs about the still-spinning propeller and guide her to safety.

He says when he thought she was out of harm's way he returned to his seat, only to then hear someone scream, "Stop, Stop."

Lauren sued the owner of the airplane, but rejected the insurance company's first offer. The update is that she has agreed to an out of court settlement, and it's reported that both sides are happy with the results.

Judging from recent photos, Lauren's surgeons have performed wonders in restoring Lauren's appearance.  She's had facial reconstruction, and has been fitted with a prosthetic lower arm and a very natural looking prosthetic eye.  Despite everything she's gone through, Scruggs is said to be making remarkable progress, and she hopes to resume her modeling career.