Bad Doctor Banned for Prescribing Gay ‘Cure’
There is no “cure” for homosexuality, but that did not stop an Australian doctor from reaching into his bag of voodoo tricks and pulling out a prescription for some strange drug he claimed would rid a young man of his gay urges.
Killer Gets Sex Change at Taxpayer Expense
It's reported that a federal judge in Massachusetts has ordered state prison officials  to provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate who is serving life in prison for murder.
DETCOG: E-Tex May Get Aerial Mosquito Spraying
Although Angelina County has nowhere near as many cases of West Nile virus as there are in Dallas County, health officials in east Texas are doing everything they can to fight the spread of the virus and illness. The latest news is that state officials may help pay for aerial spraying for the mosqu…
Study: Pot Smoking Brings IQ Down
A landmark study conducted in the United States and Great Britain has confirmed something many people have suspected for decades. The study reported in the London Daily Telegraph shows that people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis over a long period are putting their intelligence - their IQ -- …
Study: West Nile Might do Lasting Damage
As scary as the West Nile Virus sounds, it's a fact that at least 80 percent of people who get it don't know they have it.  Until recently, it was believed that most people who do contract West Nile fever recover and that's the end of it. The Houston Chronicle reports doctors at …
Court: Texas Can Stop Funding Planned Parenthood
Texas officials say they will cut state funding for Planned Parenthood, now that a federal appeals court has ruled in the state's favor, in a challenge over a new law that prohibits giving state money to women's health clinics that are affiliated with abortion providers.
Botox Helps Stroke Victims? Who Knew?
It's true.  Botox does a lot more than just smooth out facial wrinkles and make you look younger.  Doctors at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston are using Botox to help stroke victims regain control of their hands and arms.

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