Study: Half of US Doctors Struggle with Burnout
No matter how "burned out" you may feel about your profession, you may be interested to know there is one job that causes more "burn out" than any other.  USA Today reports a national survey shows more medical doctors suffer job burnout than people in any oth…
Giffords and Kelly Moving Back to Arizona
It's reported that former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, have decided to move back to Arizona.  This comes a year and a half after she moved to Houston for intensive physical and speech therapy after a gunman shot her in the head at…
ETex Health Officials Watch for West Nile Virus
Federal health officials say more serious cases of West Nile Virus have been reported in the United States this year than any year since 2004.  The Lufkin News reports through the end of July, 241 human cases have been reported in 22 states, including four deaths.
Most of these cases have been …
Med-Evac Chopper Lands On Mattresses
Aircraft Rescue Firefighters  
Whatever works. The San Antonio Express-News reports a medical helicopter missing one of its landing skids made an emergency "soft landing' on a stack of mattresses at San Antonio International Airport early Sunday morning.
Study Shows Sexting Normal for Young Adults
This is hard to believe.  A new study reported by a Detroit TV station seems to show that for today's young adults -- the "Internet Generation" -- “sexting,” sending sexually explicit photos or messages through their phones, may be a normal, h…
Rick Perry Says NO Medicaid Expansion in Texas
If there were any doubts that Governor Rick Perry wants Texas to have nothing to do with President Obama's Health Care overhaul, the Austin American-Statesman reports Perry has cleared the air on that once and for all.

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