Although Angelina County has nowhere near as many cases of West Nile virus as there are in Dallas County, health officials in east Texas are doing everything they can to fight the spread of the virus and illness. The latest news is that state officials may help pay for aerial spraying for the mosquitoes.


The Lufkin News reports as of this week, there are now nine confirmed cases of West Nile illness in Angelina County.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reports 783 confirmed cases statewide.  There have been 23 related deaths, but no deaths in east Texas, so far.

County officials with the Deep East Texas Council of Governments have been told that DSHS may provide funds for aerial spraying of mosquito breeding areas, which is being done in Houston and Dallas.

Health officials are urging people to protect themselves from mosquitoes by wearing proper clothing and using mosquito repellent when outdoors.  They can also join the fight by eliminating mosquito breeding places on their property.

1. Remove or empty outside containers that hold water such as flowerpots, old tires and toys.

2. Bird baths and pet water bowls should be changed at least twice a week.

3. Keep gutters cleaned out and make sure windows and doors have proper screening.

4. Don't clog the storm drains with lawn clippings and leaves.  Sweep them up and dispose of them properly. Millions of mosquitoes breed in slow and clogged storm drains.