Pinterest Aids in Helping Police Nab Criminals
Never underestimate the power of the internet or its users: it may sound crazy, but the social network Pinterest, aka the place where you can find a cute-sy cashmere sweater and a recipe for caramel fudge brownies, has helped local Pennsylvania police departments catch criminals.
Prisons Find Legal Way to Block Cell Phones
No matter how annoying many people are with their cellphones, we can't stop them because it's illegal to jam radio signals. Cellphones smuggled to prison inmates are also a serious problem, but the Lufkin News reports Texas prisons are getting electronic help to fight cell phone calls -- …
Killer Gets Sex Change at Taxpayer Expense
It's reported that a federal judge in Massachusetts has ordered state prison officials  to provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate who is serving life in prison for murder.
Bryan Man Facing Flag Desecration Charges
We don't hear much about flag desecration anywhere these days, much less here in east Texas, but we have one from Crockett.  The Houston County Courier has the story of a man who was arrested and charged with desecrating the United States flag.

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