TxDOT Watching for Labor Day Drunk Driving
The Texas Department of Transportation says it is working overtime to continue its month-long crack down on drinking and driving over the Labor Day weekend.  TxDOT’s “Drink. Drive. Go to Jail” Campaign began August 19th and goes through Tuesday Septem…
Whataburger Sues Bill Collector Over Phone Calls
Nobody likes the way bill collectors do their business.  They call debtors at all hours of day and night at home and at work, but one collector may have gone too far with one debtor in San Antonio.  It got them sued.
Thieves Love the Honda Accord
The Honda Accord seems to be one of the most common vehicles seen on the roads, not only across the US, but right here in East Texas. Driving on the Highway 59 we see tons of Accords, mixed in with several domestic pickup trucks and foreign and domestic SUVs. I’m rockin’ a Chevy Traverse, packed ful…
Texas Prison Population Shrinking
It's true.  The Austin American-Statesman reports the total population of the state's 111 prisons is now 154,000 — down 2,500 from two years ago when it was 156,500, give or take.
Giffords and Kelly Moving Back to Arizona
It's reported that former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, have decided to move back to Arizona.  This comes a year and a half after she moved to Houston for intensive physical and speech therapy after a gunman shot her in the head at…
Cops Bust Huge Marijuana Farm in Polk County
The Polk County Enterprise reports that more than 100 law enforcement officers from federal, state and local agencies moved in and shut down the biggest marijuana farm any of them had ever seen last week.

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