Planning an end of summer getaway to an exotic locale featuring the simpler life of Texas living?  Let's say somewhere like, oh I got it - Zavalla?

Passing through this sleepy little place, you may not notice the lurking eyes of its one person police department, where the chief was recently interrogated by the town council about the lack of citations written inside city limits.

The conversation during a recent city council meeting was reported to be reminiscent of an employer chastising an employee, when one council member accused the police chief of spending too much time on Code-7 (out-of-service, in the police vernacular).

The unanimous ultimatum given by the city says they require additional citation revenue to help support the police department, and until such time as that happens, there can only be two outcomes - closing the department, or building the force.

Traveling through Zavalla?  Take no chances and set your cruise control to the exact speed limit, otherwise you may be ticketed for going too fast, or too slow.

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