The NFL Network probably has no idea how big a Texas dust storm they would cause when they drew up their list of the Top Ten Heisman Trophy Winners to play in the NFL.  Things were going well until they put Tim Tebow in that list, ahead of the great Earl Campbell.  Those are fightin' words here in Texas.

In a show broadcast Monday night, the NFL Network ranks Tim Tebow higher than Earl Campbell, who is only the greatest and most exciting running back who ever set foot on a football field.

Wherever he played, in high school in Tyler, at the University of Texas, and in NFL cities all over the country, anyone who ever saw Campbell play will tell you he created memories that still raise goose bumps.

Tebow -- a fine and decent young man on and off the field -- is now a backup QB with the New York Jets. Even though he has not demonstrated conclusively that he can even play at the NFL level, the program produced by NFL Films ranks him ahead of two Hall of Famers -- Campbell and Marcus Allen.

Even Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks — who was on the show — joked incredulously that it was an obvious ploy to draw in ratings.  Banks may not be invited back.

What do you think? A joke, right?  See the full Top Ten list at:

via Ultimate Texans » NFL Network rates Tim Tebow above Earl Campbell on top 10 list.

NFL Network executives probably have no idea how much damage this stunt has been to their network's credibility with real fans.  To rank a player as unproven as Tebow ahead of two of the greatest players of all time is just ....stupid.