We're getting a 'Big Bang Theory' prequel series whether you like it or not. We're a bit curious to see what they get right with the show being set in East Texas.

You can see the trailer and make your own assessments on if this series will be a good addition to the 'Big Bang Theory' lore.

Sheldon has always said he was from "East Texas" in the original series, and it looks like we aren't getting a specific town announcement, but rather a fictional town that encompasses all our towns mashed together.

The actress Zoe Perry's rendition of Mary Cooper is pretty uncanny as she channels Laurie Metcalf's version almost perfectly. I've wanted to complain about the East Texan accents, but the truth is I know a few folks that sound exactly like that.

At the 0:26 mark, the camera zooms in toward East Texas, and you can make out the Sabine and Trinity River. The camera seems to zoom in toward the Houston area, however, and with the emphasis on him being from a small town, my guess is that Sheldon is from Katy, or perhaps the town of Sheldon... just Northeast of Houston.


The map fades into this stock looking photo of "Anywhere" suburbia. This shot might confuse many people in America, because a lot of folks think we lived like we were in the Wild West in the late '80s.

The shot quickly fades again to a model train set. At the 0:32 second mark we just see "East Texas" in plain text.


At 1:07 we see Sheldon's brother wearing a Houston Oilers shirt.


Quick! Someone with better eyes tell me what that sign says at the 1:54 mark.


At the 2:08 mark, you see that Sheldon has advance to High School. The name of the high school is Medford High with a wolf as the mascot.

At 3:19 we see young Sheldon watching his favorite educational television program, "Professor Proton," a fictional show in the Big Bang Theory Universe.


Hopefully Jim Parsons will stick around to continue to narrate the series, but the feel of this show seems too different from 'Big Bang Theory.'

What do you hope to see as young Sheldon navigates life in high school? Do you think this series will run as long as its predecessor? Do you think they'll portray life in East Texas correctly at all?

Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below, and let me know if I'm overthinking this at all.

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