Well, not ONLY in Texas, but it helps.

ABC did a story about a Texas company that allows people to drive tanks, operate flamethrowers, a much more. Check out the original story here.

It all goes down in Uvalde Texas, and costs a pretty penny to get to experience each event. Getting to blow things up and crush cars with a tank could be a cool alternative to driving across the country to ride roller coasters or vacation somewhere where you're too afraid to get out and really experience new cultures.

Forget all that. I'm going to save up my money and give Uvalde a visit one of these days. You can't get more Texan than this.

For $300, you can blast the flamethrower at different targets. It's got to be better than grabbing a can of hairspray and a lighter, and it's for sure a lot safer.

For $3000 you can drive a tank over a car. How satisfying does that sound? Just get rid of a year's worth of stress in one day.

Let us know what you think about this destructive staycation in the comments below. Would you spend that kind of money to experience this kind of thing?

We've come a long way from these two images, haven't we?

Boy with toy soldiers
Getty Images
Marines bombard through a live fire range using M1A1 Abrams tanks.
Getty Images/Stocktrek Images
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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