It's true.  A 25-year-old Australian woman is suing the doctor who delivered her when she was born.  She claims she wouldn't have the medical difficulties she has, if he had honored her mother's wishes for a delivery by Caesarean section.

When Halina Jane Gillett was born in Newcastle, Australia in 1985, her mother asked her doctor for a C-section because the pregnancy was "much bigger" than her previous three pregnancies.

However, the doctor did a forceps delivery instead, and Gillett says that caused her Erb's Palsy, which left her without full use of her arm.

Erb's Palsy is a condition that can be caused during birth, when the baby's head and neck are pulled to the side while the shoulders are going through the birth canal.

Gillett says she's disabled because of it and she's taking the doctor to court over it.

via Halina Jane Gillett Sues Doc Over Her Own Birth (VIDEO).

Court observers say Gillett might have a case, but it's hard to predict whether the doctor will be held responsible.  They say it's possible that his decision to do a forceps delivery instead of a C-Section did injure Gillett for life, but he's delivered thousands of babies and probably can't remember why he ignored one patient 's wishes 25 years ago.