In Fayetteville, Arkansas, a woman was allegedly forced to rob a bank with what she thought was an ankle bomb, after having been held captive in her home with her husband.

The 73-year-old woman showed up at the bank on Monday and told employees about the device strapped to her ankle. Police were able to evacuate the bank and then the bomb squad was able to remove the device. Authorities were then testing the device to see if it was actually explosive.

The woman, Betty Davis, told police a man had been holding her and her husband, Herbert Davis, captive in their home, where sheriff’s deputies did find Herbert tied up but unharmed. The couple described the suspect vaguely as a white male wearing blue jeans. They could not determine his age. The couple also reported that their truck was missing and deputies later found an abandoned truck matching its description.

According to Lt. Emily Augustine of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, investigators do believe the couple’s story. She said, “The evidence we have supports the witness statements so far.” A police spokesperson reiterated this, saying Betty was cooperative and didn’t show any signs of deception.