If you do a little bit of digging, you can find weird laws for every state in America. Some of them are way out there. And, Texas isn't exempt from weird laws. According to Ranker.com, these are legitimate rules in the Lone Star State.

*Disclaimer: There are lots of other strange ones, but I only picked out some of the laws that I considered the weirdest.*

  • In Port Arthur, you cannot emit strange odors while riding an elevator. If we're being honest, I think this law should be mandated across the nation.
  • It's actually illegal to shoot a buffalo from a second-story window of a hotel. I assume that means that the 1st floor and third-floor are just fine...?
  • In Galveston, you have to get permission from the director of parks and recreation before getting drunk in any public city park. So, if they say no, you have to go home.
  • It's illegal to sip more than tree sips of beer at a time while standing. However, if you prefer to sit, you can kill the whole keg, I guess.
  • It is illegal to sell your own eye. Eye see what you did there, Texas. *I apologize for the corny joke. It was just too good to let pass.*

And those are just a few of the goofy laws in Texas. What are some others that you've heard of? Are there any that are specific to your hometown, or are they state-wide? Let us know in the comments below!

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