It never fails. As soon as the first NFL game of the season - actually, before the first game - people start making predictions about which team is going to win the Super Bowl. Now, on week three of the season, I've decided to make my pick.

Most people find it easy to choose power teams. You know, teams that tend to do well year after year. Teams such as the New England Patriots or the Green Bay Packers are always a quick choice for people.

Then there are the others that fly just under the radar. In my opinion, teams like the Atlanta Falcons fall in this category, especially considering that they did play in the Super Bowl last year, even if they didn't win.

A third category is the underdog fan. Teams like L.A. Chargers or the Kansas City Chiefs can be found in this category. These are teams that have been right on the cusp of winning, but haven't quite pulled through - recently, at least.

A final category is the die-hard fans. Fans that are going to choose their favorite team to win, no matter what. They'll choose their favorite, regardless of past record, current team members, etc. Teams such as the Dallas Cowboys can ALWAYS find their way into this choice.

So, who are you pulling for? A team that always does well, that does alright, or never does well? Or, are you just cheering for a team with no actual knowledge of how well they MIGHT do?

As for me, I think I'm going to go for the Houston Texans. They've never won a championship and I think they're due.


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