Survey says the best donut in Texas is at a shop in Round Rock.  See if you agree.

And that got us thinking. Who makes the best donut in East Texas? broke it down by state, and said the best donut in Texas comes from Round Rock Donuts, north of Austin in Round Rock.  If you've been there, you know it's a fast-growing area with plenty of new home construction and new businesses, but Round Rock Donuts first popped up in 1926, according to its website.  They've got the simple classic glazed ones and a chocolate version, but they might be most famous for the Texas-sized donut which could fit around your neck it's so huge.  Take a friend to polish that one off.

The best donut for our neighbors in Louisiana is Tastee McKenzie's in New Orleans, and the make the "buttermilk drop," which ExtraCrispycom says is sugary, buttery, and cakey.  Better than a beignet?

So who has the best donut in Lufkin?  Nacogdoches?  Donut Palace?  Shipley Donuts?  We better go eat some donuts and find out.  And the office donut-bringer is always the hero, so grab some extras.