The father of a Texas State University student is not giving up hope that his son will be found.

"All I know is my son was in a car crash, he walked away from that car crash, and he’s hurt and he’s alone and he’s out here,” Kent Landry told CBS Austin. “And I just want my boy found.”

21-year-old Jason Landry was last seen on Sunday after he left Texas State University to go home to Houston for the holidays.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Jason was first reported missing early Monday morning, after authorities found his Nissan Altima crashed and abandoned along Salt Flat Road - just outside of Luling, TX.

DPS says that Jason's keys, phone, wallet, and other belongings were left behind in his car, but that there was no trace of him.

According KTRK, Jason's mother said a small amount of blood was also discovered inside the car.

The search for Jason has intensified with local officials teaming up with Texas Eqqusearch members.

“They’ve had helicopters, drones [out here],” Kent told CBS Austin on Tuesday. “They have water team is out right now today, they’re investigating all the ponds and the rivers, and the creeks around here. There are horse teams. There are dog teams going. They found some scents and are trying to make sense out of it."

Sergeant Deon Cockrell with Texas DPS says right now they believe Jason ran off the road and crashed, but he was still able to get out of his car. Authorities do not suspect foul play or that alcohol was involved.

Jason's mother told KTRK that she's just worried about her son being out in the cold night temperatures.

"I just ask for prayers because we just need a lot of prayers. We need this to work, we need God to help us out and all the prayers," she said.

Jason is described as white male, approximately 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the DPS at 844-643-2251 or the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office at 512 398-6777.

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