So, we know how crowded Nac is whenever SFA students are in town. But, when the students AREN'T there, there are lots of enjoyable ways to spend time.



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    Drive Through Town

    Let's start with the basics. Nacogdoches is a really good-looking old town, so why not get out and drive around a bit? Yes, I know it sounds boring, but it's a really good way to spend time. North Street is much more tolerable if it's not crammed-full of people.

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    Hit Up The Movie Theater

    Is the movie theater too crowded for you when the college students are around? Not a problem when classes aren't in session. Go to the cinema and enjoy a good flick with friends!

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    Get A Drink

    Liberty Bell, Mak's, Chili's...any of these bars are less crowded when college students aren't in town.