We've all been there before. The service at the restaurant was bad. The food was cold. They were out of an item that you really wanted, even though it was early in the week. There are tons of things that set us off on missions to blast companies for less than spectacular performance.

But I think that we should hold up on the negative reviews, at least immediately after. I was astonished after looking at the reviews for some of my favorite restaurants in Nac at the negative, hate-filled reviews left by people after one visit. Sometimes, one bad trip doesn't mean that you should go all-out to advocate the closing of someone's business. This is a list of times when it's actually alright - in my opinion - to leave negative reviews for companies.


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    After Having The Same Problem After Multiple Visits

    Just being out of something one time doesn't warrant a negative blast on social media. It could happen to anyone. Once it becomes a habit of being out of something three or four times in a row, then someone needs to be informed.

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    Health-Related Issues

    I'm a firm believer that people need to be informed of health-related issues, especially in the food industry. And no, I'm not talking about, "I ate four bacon mega-cheeseburgers with everything, extra-large fries, three glasses of soda, and two apple pies, and now I'm feeling sick. It must be food-poisoning." Come on, now. That much grease and junk in one serving and you're calling it the restaurant's fault? Use a little common sense.

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    The Problem Was With Management

    So, if you're biggest problem was with someone such as a waiter/waitress, don't blast them online, just speak with management. However, if the problem was with management, I feel like the public should be made aware of the problem, especially if there's no one higher up to discuss the problem with.

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