Monday isn’t only the first day of the work week. It may also be the first day of your journey to a new job.

A new study has found that Monday is the best day to look for jobs.

Career site looked at half a million applications, along with 15 million job postings, to see who was getting ahead in the job hunt. According to the site, 30% of people who apply for a job on that day move on to the next phase, i.e., they receive a follow-up call or are asked to come in for an interview.

Even though Monday appears to be the best day to apply for a position, it seems like candidates are a little behind the ball because Tuesday is the most popular day to apply, with 37% doing so. And only 20% move on to the next stage in the hiring process.

The worst day to apply for a job? Saturday, when a mere 14% take the next step. It's also the day when people are least likely to throw their hats into the ring, with 5% of applying for a job they saw.


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