It seems to be a common thing for television shows to be remade. Which one do you think will be next?

We've seen lots of television series go through a revamping over the past few years. Some of these shows are actually some of my favorites.

There's series like Hawaii 5-0, that originally aired from 1968 to 1980. The new series, with the same characters set in the present day, aired in 2010.

Another series that has gone through a current-day overhaul is MacGyver. The original MacGyver series started in 1985, and aired until 1992. The newer series came about in 2016.

CBS MacGyver Pilot James Wan Reshoots

These aren't the only two remakes we've seen. There have been some older movies that have been remade into television series, like Lethal Weapon, and there have been some television series that were turned into movies, such as Get Smart.

My question is, what series is next? I know we've heard a few rumors about a Magnum P.I. spinoff, but I haven't heard any concrete evidence on whether that's really going to happen.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing a current-day Hogan's Heroes remake, but hey, that's just me. And "I know nothing, commandant!" (Hopefully you guys caught that Sergeant Schultz reference.)

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