Some places seem happier than others.  They just do.  People in these spots have decent jobs, they have access to lakes and sports and shopping, there are lots of choices when it comes to restaurants, and the kids are in good shape with schools and baseball leagues. So which city in East Texas is the happiest?

I read this week that the happiest place on earth is Denmark.  They don't worry too much about anything over there, except maybe the weather.  But they know they can't do anything about the gray skies or the rain, so they let go of that worry, and they're back to the happy place again.  They've got free access to health care, and taxes pay for schools and universities.  And they seem to like each other, and trust that they've all got each other's backs, or so we hear.

After Denmark, the next happiest places are Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.  The United States is 13th.

As far as Texas goes, one blogger says Midland is our happiest city.  Agree? Sugarland makes the list too, along with a bunch of Dallas suburbs.

So who's happiest in East Texas?  Lufkin seems pretty happy, at least within the walls of our radio station building.  Hopefully you've found your little East Texas paradise, wherever you are.

You know the saying, right?  "As long as the wife is happy, everyone is happy."  The ripple effect is far-reaching, so buy us flowers, let us get the mani-pedis, and tell us our butts never look too big, and life will be good.  Have a great weekend!